Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Via Napoli Pizzeria in Lane Cove

As you drive through Lane Cove shops and pass a restaurant on a corner bustling with people, you just know that that is Via Napoli.

The restaurant is always packed, whether it is Tuesday night or Thursday lunch. It is best to make a booking or they will give you the worst seat in the house; a slanting table on a hillside. But when you want great pizza, even a bad table will not deter you.

Waiters walk back and forth with half-metre long pizzas, sometimes a metre long and every so often, a two-metre pizza.

The base is spongy with large air pockets, delightfully chewy and crusty. It is perfectly charred, giving the pizza that rustic wood-fired taste. Toppings are plentiful but not overloaded.
Quattro stagioni & salsicce e friarelli, half a metre
Desserts are simple. The chocolate mousse is rich and thick, good for chocolate lovers and better for sharing. The traditional Neapolitan cake filled with ricotta and candied fruit is not the most exciting of the bunch but it is neither heavy and nor overly sweet. 

The ricotta cake and tiramisu are the more tempting items on the menu, though the ricotta cake is either stocked from Papa's Pasticceria or they have the exact same recipe. The ricotta inside is thick, dense and delicately sweet, and the pastry coating is fragrant with spices.
Ricotta cheesecake
The mascarpone cream of the tiramisu is creamy and thick yet not heavy; you can see each layer of coffee and liquor soaked sponge, and taste it as well.
The restaurant is in full swing, people chatting away, waiters running around. No matter how busy it gets, the waiters always seem to be cheerful and friendly.

Once you are full and your pizza craving is sated, you start noticing just how uncomfortable sitting on wooden chairs on a slanted hill is so you take your leave, and make a mental note to book the next time you come to Via Napoli.

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