Friday, 5 July 2013

Tarboosh Lebanese Restaurant in Willoughby

Tarboosh is a newly opened Lebanese restaurant on Penshurst Street in Willoughby. The food is a bit more pricier compared to Jasmin1 but the location makes for far less travelling.

The mixed dips has the standard baba ganouje, labne, and homous served with fried Lebanese bread. The baba ganouje was smoky, the yoghurt was thick and creamy, and the homous was smooth. Each dip was well balanced and was done well.
Mixed dips of baba ganouje, labne and homous
The fried kebbe had a nice crunchy coating with flavoursome minced meat on the inside. They were not all that spicy but were fairly salty.
Fried kebbe
The falafels were coated in sesame seeds and the exterior was extremely crunchy. They were good but similar to the kebbe, were quite salty.
The Fattoush salad was well dressed with pomegranate and lemon dressing. It was quite tangy but the acidity was great to balance out the saltiness of the other dishes.
Fattoush salad
Tarboosh has executed their dishes well but Jasmin1 seems to do it better overall. Tarboosh is pricer and all their dishes were just a tad bit over salted. Which as an individual dish, was not a problem, but as an aggregate meal, it left us quite parched. Their garlic sauce was more buttery and less garlicky, which may be suitable to some, but not for those who love full flavoured foods.

Tarboosh is located in the north and is more convenient for the residents in that area. Their food tastes fresh and light, none of our dishes left us feeling heavy, despite most being deep fried. Tarboosh has not surpassed Jasmin1, but if you are in the north and you are too lazy to drive too far, then Tarboosh is a good option.

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