Friday, 26 July 2013

MUMU Grill in Crows Nest

Mumu Grill is is a restaurant that you do not hear talked about very often, but that is no loss to us, unless that is of course you do not know of its existence.

The restaurant is big and can easily accommodate large groups, it is also dim, a little too dim and the candle on the table makes it feel like a candle in a blackout. But if you can overlook this, the food is something to look forward to.

The starters are somewhat average but Mumu specialises in steak and they do it well. The large 1kg ‘Tagliata’ T-bone was tender with a little bit of bite and oh so juicily packed full of seared wholesome meaty flavours. I am not sure how many people are meant to share this steak but on our table we split it between three, and there was still some for take-away.

The Kimel aged sirloin is crusted with coffee beans and Szechuan peppers. Though the coffee flavours did not really come through, there was a hint of fragrant Szechuan peppers. The steak was tenderer than the T-bone but sometimes you just need a 1kg steak off the bone.

The pork ribs were saucy and sweet; the meat was tender and fell of the bone with ease.

To top off all of these meaty goodies, a dessert platter to share has a good variety of desserts; it includes an organic sugar cane brulee, brown sugar pavlova and a chocolate tart. The pavlova was the favourite amongst us with fresh slices of pineapples, crispy meringue and dollops of cream.

Now apart from the extremely dim lighting, which could be favoured by some, it was more of a hindrance to us. When you have to peer down and squint to figure out what you are eating, you know it is too dark. But as long as in the end you can taste the flavours and the flavours taste good, then we can excuse these little hiccups along the way.

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