Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jasmin1 in Leichhardt

Every so often, it is nice to get away from the city and be able to go to a restaurant where parking is easily accessible and free. Where food does not cost a bunch, and that is also not Asian food. At times like these, Jasmin1 is where you go. 

The restaurant lacks decor but makes up for it with well lit, spacey rooms and clean surroundings. The staff are friendly but can be a bit all over the place when they get busy.

The yoghurt dressed with olive oil is a good accompaniment to the meat dishes. It is thick and slightly sour, it almost tastes like sour cream.
The skin of the fried eggplant is extremely crispy and the meat on the inside is soft and soaked in oil. Eggplant does tend to absorb a lot of moisture, and it can be a good thing but in this case I am not sure it was all too desirable. The flavour was there and it tasted good but if oily foods are not your thing, then this might not be either.
Fried eggplant with tahini
As described on the menu, the fatteh is a mix of chick peas, tahini, crispy Lebanese bread, topped with natural yoghurt, pine nuts, parsley and olive oil. The one we got lacked any Lebanese bread or parsley. It was a pretty simple dish and tasted as you would expect of yoghurt, tahini and chick peas.

Ohhh, the wonders those two ingredients could have done to this dish, but I shall never know.
Under that mound of white garlic sauce, yes that is all garlic sauce, you could forage for bite sized pieces of chicken. The chicken could have been more tender but the flavours from the sauce made up for the lack of juices. This dish is like a two in one, garlicky chicken and garlic sauce as a condiment for your other dishes. Delicious.
Chicken lemon garlic
I was not sure why anyone would order deep fried Lebanese bread but we did. The kids loved it and I think that was about the only people who ate it.
Fried Lebanese bread
The mixed plate is great to share or just for one. It has everything you want on one plate. Falafels, a shish kebab skewer, a shish tawook skewer, a kafta skewer, tabouli, hommous and baba ghannouj. The chicken was once again a bit dry, and this time without the garlic sauce, was quite average. The shish kebab skewer was great; it was charred and meaty, and full of flavour. The falafels are usually good, but this time were a bit disappointing; they lacked flavour from the herbs but the crunch was there. 
Mixed plate
To sum it up, Jasmin1 in Leichhardt does good food at very agreeable prices. Their food keeps you coming back and their garlic sauce makes you want to take it home.

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