Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ippudo in Sydney

The excitement of Ippudo opening in Sydney must have had every ramen fanatic salivating at the mouth. I was certainly keen to try it because Ippudo specialises in tonkotsu ramen. Ippudo originated in Fukuoka, which is a city on the island of Kyushu famous for their milky pork broth tonkotsu ramen.

I studied Japanese for two months in Fukuoka and maybe because I was able to spend an extended period of time there but I think it is the best city in Japan. It also does not hurt that my favourite type of ramen originated from there either.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the pork buns at Ippudo being compared to those at Momofuku. I have yet to try the ones at Momofuku but the ones at Ippudo are pretty good, as far as pork buns go. The meat was flavourful and the bun was pillowy light.
I got the Akamaru Shinaji, which tasted great and it really resembled the ramen I had in Fukuoka. Ippudo has the thin ramen noodles typical of Hakata Ramen (in Fukuoka). In Fukuoka, you are also able to choose the toughness of the noodles and most people prefer it with a lot of bite. The noodle soup was milky and flavoursome and the pork was deliciously soft. 
The black sesame in pudding really came through and the dessert was not overly sweet. It is a light dessert following flavoursome meal.
As nice as Ippudo is, I think the price of each bowl of ramen is quite overpriced. Ramen that goes up to $21 and the basic at $15 with not even an egg is more than I am willing to pay, especially on a regular basis. Ramen should be a quick cheap meal but not at Ippudo's. But with that said, I would probably be back because the style of tonkotsu ramen at Ippudo's is my favourite in Sydney so far. 

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