Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cafe Sopra on Bridge St

Cafe Sopra on Bridge St is another restaurant that you could probably easily walk pass without noticing. But when you walk down the sandstone stairs you find yourself in a large underground restaurant. The last time I came they only had their menu written on the blackboards, which was really hard to read but this time we were given paper menus.

The place was buzzing with business people after a days of work. There were no tables available except at the counter watching the cooks.
Place setting
The chicken liver parfait was delicious and they were kind enough to bring us an extra serving of bread when they realised we were sharing. The vegetables were not really pickled and I would have been happier if they served cornichons from a jar.
Chicken liver parfait
The meatballs with fresh tomato sauce were massive and very filling. The tomato sauce was simple and added a nice acidity to break up the meat. The pasta was overcooked and had no bite at all which is quite disappointing. 
Fettucini meatballs
The minestrone soup was a thin broth packed full of vegetables and pasta, it was then topped with pesto that added another dimension of flavour to the soup.
Minestrone soup
The pappardelle with braised oxtail had a more mellow rich flavour than the meatballs and minestrone. I love pappardelle pasta but this one could also have done with a bit less cooking.
Braised oxtail with pappardelle
The spaghetti, prawns, garlic, parsley, olive oil, topped with breadcrumbs was nice and not overly complicated. The spaghetti was probably the least cooked out of all the pastas but it still did not have that desired bite.
Spaghetti, prawns, garlic, parsley topped with breadcrumbs
Cafe Sopra is quite good considering the price and the relative quality of the food as well as the large portion sizes. The menu rotates regularly and will always have a few things that will make you drool over. There are better italian restaurants such as Buzo, Pendolino, 10 William Street or Buon Ricardo but then they are a lot more pricier and not located so conveniently, with the exception of Pendolino.

Overall, I think if you want some decent food, in a nice atmosphere, for a decent price, in a good location, Cafe Sopra would be an ideal choice.

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