Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Beach Burrito Company

Beach Burrito in Newtown is probably one of the better tex mex restaurants I have ate at in Sydney. During the day it was fairly empty but I can imagine it gets packed at night.

Everything looked good but we have a tendency to over order and my brother strictly forbade us from excessively ordering sides.

The menu is a short narrative but its essentially the same meats served in different ways. So for example, you could get the Green Chilli Roasted Pig as a specialty burrito, fajita burrito, quesadillas, taquito, burrito bowl, taco or as a salad.

We got the pulled season beef tacos, which you could choose in twos or threes. My brother chowed them down before I could even get a bite but he seemed to enjoy them.

The green chili roasted pig fajita burrito was bursting at the seams. I'm surprised that the contents did not come exploding out. 

The fajita burrito was stuffed with beans, rice, green chilli roasted pig, and vegetables. It was then topped with a spicy salsa and cheese. The fajita was served with guacamole, sour cream and corn chips.    The flavours were great and the meat was tasty. But it was seriously huge.

The green chili roasted pig was popular amongst us and we also got the burrito bowl. It had basically the same fillings as the fajita burrito except it was served in a crispy tortilla bowl. I feel like it had a bit more greens in it than my fajita.

Overall, I enjoyed this more than any other tex mex restaurant I have been to in Sydney but there aren't really any stores near me, so it probably won't be a while before I eat it again. But if I were hungry and I was in the vicinity of a Beach Burrito, I would definitely have it again.

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