Friday, 21 June 2013

10 William Street

The shop front of 10 William Street is narrow, so narrow that you might have to search for it like Platform 9 and 3/4. But unlike the magical world of Harry Potter, the other side isn't any wider.

The room is lit with warm yellow naked light bulbs. A huge blackboard listing the wine menu mounts the wall on the left and bottles of wine decorate the bar.

Our waiter gives us the option to sit at the tables below but we chose to sit at the bar for fear of bumping elbows with our neighbours.

The menu is short and simple. A selection of antipasti to start and around four mains to choose from. The bartender explained the items on the menu and suggested us some wine. Sitting at the bar proved to be a good choice as the service was attentive.

We ordered the charred octopus, crudo di bonito and orecchiette cime di rapa. The octopus was served with kipfler potatoes, dried kale and lots of olive oil. The octopus was charred and amazingly tender.

The bonito was served raw with ricotta, finger limes, flying fish roe, apple cubes, leeks and vinegar jelly. It was the dish of the night. The flavours were just so well matched. I could have had seconds or thirds.

The orecchiette pasta was made out of buckwheat and was served with choy sum, cherry tomatoes and parmesan. The dish was simple and allowed the ingredients to speak for themselves. The pasta had bite and soaked up the luscious flavourful oils. 

I could not pass up on dessert and with only one choice on the menu it left little to choose from. The tiramisu tasted like it was made to order. The cream was thick and the sponge still held its shape. I liked the dessert but its nothing to rave about. I could not taste the alcohol nor the coffee, only the cocoa powder heavily dusted on top.

Nothing was overly complicated and everything was delicious. Pair it with a glass of wine and it makes for an enjoyable night.

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