Saturday, 16 February 2013

Black Star Pastry

I went to Black Star Pastry at the beginning of the week with my brother and his girlfriend to get her the strawberry and watermelon cake for her birthday. While we were there we couldn't help but drool over all their other delicious looking goodies and we got the orange cake with persian figs, individual size... and the lychee panna cotta.

The orange cake was decorated elegantly with dried persian figs, purple edible flavours and green from the slivers of pistachio. The cake was nice and dense with an intense orange flavour and sweetness fromt the icing. 
Orange Cake with Persian Figs
Individual orange cake with figs
The whole orange cake looked so inviting, especially behind the glass case which looked so similar to the glass case that the floating rose is held in in Beauty and the Beast.
Whole orange cake with figs
Lemon myrtle chiffon cake
Vegan choc fudge party
Pear frangipane tart
The vanilla panna cotta with lychee looked amazing and I love panna cotta, but this was probably my least favourite panna cotta. I'm not too sure exactly what I disliked but it could have been the texture of the panna cotta. When I think of panna cotta I think light, creamy, and most of all smooth. This panna cotta was a bit thick and it was almost grainy, only ever so slightly. I don't know if leaving it for a few days could have made it that way, but perhaps it might have tasted better if I ate it the day I bought it.
Lychee panna cotta
So I think we all know that Black Star Pastry's most famous item is their strawberry and watermelon cake. The cake is definitely beautiful to look at to say the least. The cake is really light and the watermelon in the cake gives it a nice crunch. You can taste a slight hint of rose water that gives the cake another dimension. This cake is truly delicious but $96 for a serving of 16 (20cmx24cm), it is pretty pricey. 
Strawberry & watermelon cake
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